PEPAI - memes, NFTs and more


We’ve heard about ZKFair at the end of December, gathered our team (6 ppl, degens and normies, dev/marketing background) and decided to start launching a meme coin.

It took us ~ 3 days to go live with the site, sc, marketing, community, etc. That hackathon feeling, awesome!

Now we continue exploring ZKFair chain, post memes, onboarding guides and try to be the ambassadors of ZKF as the more people know about ZKF, the more people will know about PEPAI. Profit!

We are also working on our NFTs that will go live on Jan 26th. It’s an original collection, not a copy-paste.

Looking forward to get listed to ZKF ecosystem page, get some grant, partner with other projects inside the ecosystem and probably continue with some DeFi service we can develop.