Strategy to going 10B$ 📈 WEB2 x WEB3 worlds

How do I see a strategy for capitalizing a $10 billion project?
Salute to everyone, to achieve a project like zkFair with a capitalization of 10 billion, you need to use other methods than the usual methods of blockchain development.

So, we poured the entire token issue into the market at the start, which means that there are no more pools from which we can motivate other participants. In the case of zkFair, each member of the community will receive a share of the gas burned within the network, which means that in order for tokens (and capitalization to increase), we need an influx of a huge number of users into the ecosystem and transactions in it, as a result of which validators (token holders) will receive more money for the commissions burned, and the ZKF token will increase its value.
So, the simplest and most effective ways to attract a large number of users is through integration with the world of Web 2. Let’s think about who it could be:

1) Payment services (such as visa and mastercard)

2) Market for virtual assets in gaming (for example, Steam store)

3) Gambling market (building payment gateways through the zkFair blockchain)

In all categories, zkFair’s competitive advantage over other blockchains is gas payment in USDC, a currency that is not subject to extreme volatility and is pegged to the dollar. In addition, it will bring real mass adoption. I believe that we can do anything to get one of leaders in the blockchains world if we gonna do it together!

Thanks to the developers and zkFair team. We will revolutionize the blockchain!

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many companies have tried to gain application in the real sector, why can zkfair succeed?

He is telling that main point is USDC fees and this could be a major advantage

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reply something in this community frist time ,wish heathl and rich to everyone !

You can develop this proposal, but interesting direction like connection ZKFair with Web2 world it is cool.
Lets Go Internet GIF by PermissionIO

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True! Agree with you. Web2 world should come to web3 machanics! It could bring us a lot of new blood and good costs of fees!

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Good ideas! Lets create a proposal!

yeah I see. so I almost agree. We should try to do this

I agree we have to migrate web2 users to web3, the question is how

They are already seeing crypto area, but they can not migrate because of scability, speed and volatility. So if zkFair is secure blockchain other aspests done. There is speed, scability and zero voltility.

Thanks! Waiting you support and I gonna write next steps how we gonna do it

:exclamation: URGENT UPDATE
Developing API through Inscriptions could help maximazing speed of interaction between web2 and web3 worlds. This could be a turning point in the development history of not only zkFair but the entire crypto industry!