【ZIP】 ZKFair - Let's knock Justin Sun off his TRONe

Why do we allow Justin Sun to make a lot of money from gambling? Let’s infiltrate the Tron system and replace it with ZKFair.

To create demand for our network, I propose replacing the elderly Tron with our platform. Let’s have casinos, slot machines, and more on our network. The main condition would be open source code and transparency. Every new project will have to submit an application, and ZKFair token holders will review and either approve or reject the projects. Over the span of a few years, we could generate a turnover reaching billions of dollars. People would play games of chance, knowing that all the games on our network are fair. Projects would be obligated to buy back ZKFair tokens at a rate of 1-3% of their profits or use them for commissions.

Ultimately, we will outdo Justin Sun. He will approach you and offer to purchase the entire blockchain for $50 billion. Then, you will conduct a vote for all ZKFair token holders, and we will vote. What will we choose: to lock in profits at x10000 or to continue earning from commissions?

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Hahaha, the title soo goood, makes everyone to touch the button)

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:joy:This is genius! Undoubtedly, ZKFair can replace Tron.

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I can’t wait to test your network

And the idea is not bad)

100% I hope the admins listen to me

it over for Justin Sun, it time for ZKFair to rise

hahaha, you made me laugh. :joy: