【ZIP】road to 10 billion (easily)

  1. the beginning of 2024 will be filled with euphoria and a large definition of liquidity: unlocking Blast (>1 billion), Manta, announcements of airdrops from LayerZero, Starknet…
  2. at this time you have already created trusting relationships with market participants, since you distributed the airdrop
  3. we are creating a standard improved L2 ecosystem, with improved security, scalability, adequate commissions, DEX’s…
  4. but participants of each decentralized application will be incentivized with additional bonuses for holding ZKF tokens:
  • reduction in the cost of commissions in DeFi
  • increase in interest yield on loans
  • increased number of allocations on launchpads
    if we create conditions in which people see the value of a coin “in the moment,” then the huge liquidity at the beginning of 2024 could become a springboard not only for 10 billion but also much more

p.s. this was written with the help of a translator

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Exciting times ahead! :smiley: ZKFair’s proposed improvements are aligned with a forward-thinking and impactful approach. A positive sign for the community

I think the incentives and rewards for coin accumulation are really good.

I don’t think it would work, what’s the point?

Hahaha, it’s very simple, what could be simpler???