【ZIP】On the Way of 10B$

The most effective path is one that has been previously attempted and achieved success. However, incorporating originality will set us apart. Firstly, in order to lower the dump from airdrops, it is necessary to create high-yield liquidity pools. Adding different chains to the native bridge and transitioning to a cross-chain structure with swap and bridging fees burned with zkf tokens will prevent inflation and ensure that liquidity remains in the community. We can invite NFT projects that have not been able to capture sufficient hype due to different marketing methods to the zkfair mainnet or offer to directly include their teams in our community. We need to diversify our network like a fairground, including Franky’s dinner, bonigo, etc. By achieving these goals and announcing the 2nd airdrop launch, we will increase the likelihood of holders using the network and prevent dump in cex listings. Of course, being among proven projects like dydx, gmx, and similar ones will increase our value. Collaborations are always beneficial for all parties involved.

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