【ZIP】Some potential strategies to lead the ZKF towards a 10B project

First of all,The steps taken by the ZKF itself is enough to make it a billion dollars value project. Who would have thought a L2 launching like this :
•100% community driven :rocket:
•All tokens for the community🪂
•No allocation for the team :x:
•No VCs❌
As the name suggests,You guys have really given justice to the word “FAIR” :zap:

Coming to the context,If I were the CEO of ZKFair, I would additionally implement the following strategies to transform ZKF into 10 B project:

● It is obvious that,uplifting the project’s valuation requires more big projects to be launched on the network. For this,We need to attract De-Fi giants especially that stores liquidity eg. Staking,Perps,DEXs,etc. It can be done by community power,yes,the community!! :point_down: 2 ways :point_down:

  1. If the ZKF airdrop becomes a massive success in the crypto space,it is sure that many Big Dapps will automatically enter into ZKFAIR ecosystem to get benefited from the volume ongoing on the network.
    To lit up the airdrop hype,we can simply collaborate with homies(like, POLYGON in this case) so that top CEXs get a call of listing ZKF.

  2. We can incentivize the users involved in those big
    project DAOs to create and pass the proposal to
    launch in ZKFAIR.

● Nowadays,memecoins seem to be a big value driver to an ecosystem e.g. BONK in SOL . We can show support to the memecoins created in the network doing some buys through the gas fees allocation funds. (Recently,AVAX also announced a 100M$ culture-catalyst fund to buy memecoins)

● NFTs are also an important factor for the network growth. They can also be called as an ecosystem representative coz they give OG status in the network. So,we can definitely support them by keeping PFPs and helping in their roadmap.
(See the SOLANA devs wearing PFP of their ecosystem’s OG NFT)

● A good community leadership as well as a good coordination among the devs is a must for the sustainability of the network.

●Security audits should be taken time-time for ensuring a healthy growth of the ecosystem.

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