【ZIP】Purple cow worth 10B+ : Transforming Zkfair into a Narrative Aggregator L2 - A New Frontier in Crypto Innovation

Purple cow philosophy is basically being something phenomenal, counterintuitive and exciting.

What we most frequently observe in crypto ecosystem are the success stories of innovative first movers and following boring countless unsuccessful copies of each of them.

In this context, Zkfair has begun its story with a unique launch technique, creating a significant hype and TVL.

Taking a glance at coingecko for 10B+ projects, what creates that valuation? TVL? Token use cases? Technology? Adoption? Maybe the last one most, but I think it is a consequence rather than a reason.

Anyway, the only chance to be 10B+ is being a very visible purple cow. No need to replicate what other copy paste chains have been doing.

My proposal is: Zkfair to be an narrative aggregator L2.

Building a dynamic DAO, deciding on all TVL on Zkfair network to invest on most wanted narratives… Doing what Blast or Manta does in a more sophisticated, democratic way (via ZKF holders votes) with best R/R ratio aligned with community’s demands.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Edit: I think the proposal needs some further details. Here are they:

1. Introduction and Background: Zkfair, with its unique launch technique and burgeoning TVL, stands out in a crypto landscape often saturated with uninspired replicas. In my pursuit of excellence, i recognize the need to be a distinctive and visible “purple cow.”

2. Analysis of Valuation Factors: To comprehend the valuation of 10B+ projects, we need to delve into critical factors such as TVL, token use cases, technology, and adoption. While each contributes, our emphasis lies on being a remarkable presence, a characteristic i believe influences other factors.

3. Zkfair’s Unique Proposition: Zkfair’s proposition centers around becoming a narrative aggregator L2. This approach distinguishes us from conventional strategies, offering a more sophisticated, community-driven alternative to the mundane paths others tread.

4. Narrative Aggregator L2 Concept: In essence, a narrative aggregator L2 involves curating narratives that resonate with the community and leveraging them to drive growth. This aligns with Zkfair’s ethos, where narratives become the cornerstone of our strategy, fostering a stronger connection with our user base.

5. Dynamic DAO and Community Involvement: Zkfair’s transition involves the establishment of a dynamic DAO, giving ZKF holders the power to steer the ship. Decision-making becomes a democratic process, aligning project developments with community desires, thus fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

6. Risk/Reward Ratio: Our strategy hinges on a meticulous assessment of risk and reward. In comparison to existing projects like Blast or Manta, Zkfair’s narrative aggregator L2 approach promises a more sophisticated and community-aligned risk/reward ratio, enhancing the overall project resilience.

7. Implementation Plan:

  • Phase 1: Community Consultation
    • Engage the community in discussions regarding preferred narratives.
    • Gather insights through forums, surveys, and direct feedback.
  • Phase 2: DAO Establishment
    • Launch the dynamic DAO platform.
    • Distribute voting power to ZKF holders.
  • Phase 3: Narrative Investments
    • Initiate investments based on community-approved narratives.
    • Monitor and adjust strategies based on performance.

8. Conclusion: The transformation of Zkfair into a narrative aggregator L2 represents a paradigm shift in crypto project development. By embracing a community-driven narrative approach, we aspire not only to be a 10B+ project but also to be a beacon of innovation and community involvement in the crypto space.

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very nice bro thank you

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I like the idea of Zkfair becoming an aggregator of L2 stories.

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users just depositing on ZKFair and leaning back and getting juicy income is good idea!

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i am tired of chasing a new narrative everyday and i cant spend so much. Instead of tiny amounts
i would prefer to invest on such a smart pool without effort. Great proposal, thanks.

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that is what i wanted to say, thx

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this! thx mate. but it hink we need more details how to decide which narratives are candidates

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i agree with most of the comments and i support this proposal

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i like the idea, thx friend

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this is exciting, i want you to provide more comprehensive version

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very good my friend :+1: :+1: :+1:

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very good. lets say some of the funds are staked on eigenlayer and juicy airdrops will be distributed to community.

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narrative of narratives :slight_smile:

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thank you for clarifying my thoughts

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definately i agree thx

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nice bro. the title maybe like this better

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eigenlayer cap will be full soon but there are may other opportunities

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It is described in detail and in an accessible manner. Thank you

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very good community effort, congratulations

this is a good strategy and i think zkfair will implement good strategies like this