【ZIP】Proposal to make zkfair a 10B project

  1. To build a strong community with good Mods and pathfinder to look for alhha opportunties not only in Zkfair but outside
    Community is very important. It is important to have good mods / pathfinder to guild the community to look for alpha opportunities. Galxe is one of the best community I have stayed. Galxe pathfinder / brain will share or publish their finding either of alpha opportunties and how to complete a quest. Pathfinders are rewarded on tokens
  2. Build incentive quests with partners
    Now Odyssey / Quests are the most popular to increase transactions for L2. By working together with existing partners with incentives.
  3. Build bridges with BTC / Sol
    BTC / SOL are the most hot chains and inscription are hot as well. It is vital to build bridges and share their hot with Zkfair. OmniBTC already have bridges with BEVM and BTC. It might be able to migrate to zkfair easily
  4. Looking for opportunities to be listed in CEX. It is qutie obvious
  5. Staking reward for zkfair to share fees. It is also obvious
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