【ZIP】How to make ZKF a 10 billion dollar project "top strategy" 💵

The community is the heart of success, so in order to raise a certain amount of money we must be supported and win the hearts of our investors, this will maximize the perspective of the project and in turn create an increase in capital.

1.Being an ally and seeking associations from other projects will allow us to have more reach, therefore we will reach collaborators who discover our project and want to bet on it.

2.Having an ambassador program and creating a platform for daily tasks will encourage marketing, making members be active, contribute and earn something in return, one of these platforms can be

3.perform incentivized tasks with the ecosystem, which applies gas rate revenue, increasing the TVL of the project, which is not only based on a main airdrop

4.Meme contests, Amas, and making user guides early, which would make it easy to get started on the path and be curious about the project

5.Pay a high-level influencer such as YouTuber or Twitter so that more people know zkfair and invest in it

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please no galaxy and zealy campaigns!!!

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LOL they are so tedious :melting_face: