【ZIP】my vision of how to reach the goal of 10kkk+ capitalization

Hi all) i am not well versed in the technical part, and i don’t pretend to get 1mZKF, just want to share my thoughts.
the only value of any product is the faith of people, money is basically just paper, but people believe in it and it has turned into something that runs the world. Therefore, the most important thing and what should be given maximum importance is community., people should be fans of this project, you can not disappoint anyone. how to achieve this? i think first of all it is decentralization, we just need to show people that behind the projects is not a big boss whose goal is to fill their pockets with money. we just need to give people the tools and they will create something hundred.
write what you think about it, let’s discuss and make changes to this post together).

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