【ZIP】"FairSpace" Launch. ZKFair 1st NFT marketplace

ZKFair should launch NFT marketplace and integrate Lumoz, Celestia, Polygon.

It will make great impact to ecosystem, because FairSpace NFT can implement inscriptions that we’ve minted. Trading inscriptions will bring us a lot of transactions and new users to the ecosystem.


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Fair Market? not bad but I’d use something instead of “market” like FairTrade or FairSpace🥇

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FairSpace cool man, will change now

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Also should be added “FairSpace” NFT launchpad that would help creators to launch their collections and art without knowing the code. It’ll bring a lot of creators to the ZKFair and “FairSpace” should work on new NFT industries that bring hype and so on, like inscriptions I’ve mentioned before.

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