Inscriptions - a new market for ZKFair

I propose creating the first exchange for buying and selling Inscriptions. This has been becoming increasingly popular lately, yet there is no unified exchange where investors can purchase them. In addition to buying and selling, leveraged trading and even futures could be offered.

I understand that the market is just beginning to emerge, and not all the rules of the game and prospects are clear yet. However, this is an excellent moment to take control of this market. We will earn through commissions. For listing on our exchange, we could take a percentage of these coins. It’s possible to filter new projects through a DAO. Our community will evaluate new projects and award them levels of trust. One project might receive 1 star out of 5, while another might get 5 out of 5.

I’ve read through all the proposals that have been sent to you, and it seems they are all quite busy. There are no vacant niches. Only Inscriptions are currently available, and we could become the top project in this area, capturing 80% of the market.

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It seems full of opportunities and future, wah :face_with_monocle:

As much as I know an Inscription market is already in work

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yes this is a no brainer we will need a marketplace

Where can I buy them? Give a link

Guys, I congratulate you on the New Year.

If in general I don’t like the very idea of Inscriptions - it’s a temporary phenomenon, pure speculation and a bubble

The proposal lacks specifics on the operational and technical aspects of the exchange. It’s important to outline the platform’s functionality, security measures, user interface, and compliance with regulations. Without these details, it’s challenging to assess the feasibility and potential risks.While earning through commissions is mentioned, a more detailed monetization strategy would strengthen the proposal. What will be the commission rates? How does this compare to competitors? Are there alternative revenue streams being considered?The claim of capturing 80% of the market may be ambitious without a thorough analysis of the competition. Are there existing platforms dealing with similar assets? What distinguishes this proposed exchange from others? A comprehensive analysis of competitors and market trends is essential.