Growth = Trust = Fairness = Pump for 10 billion dollars

I propose my variant of zkFair development.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mac, I am a representative of the Nomis team. We have established ourselves as a tool to identify and encourage real users.

It is important for the zkFair community that the growth of the community does not mean the growth of affelated accounts, but the growth of real users. This will have a positive impact on:

  • Liquidity inflow
  • Inflow of trading volume
  • Inflow of new partnerships and user initiatives

I propose:

  • To all projects developing within the zkFair ecosystem to offer additional bonuses/ WL on mines/ token distribution, to the audience of projects like Nomis, this is also the audience of DegenScore/ TrustaLabs/ DappBay

Also, I propose to create a zkFair ambassadors program, start actively participating in offline events (DevConnect example). The presence of zkFair at offline events will increase the number of partnerships and bring rapid growth of the company’s visibility.

We catastrophically need to integrate into NFT venues as soon as possible:

  • Element
  • PartyDAO
  • MintFun
  • NFT2me

This will provide our network with an influx of new users and the ability to launch more complex/value-based NFT collections. Also, it will give digital art authors the opportunity to launch their collections on our network.

We need to grow in all areas of web2 and web3 segments, reaching out and inviting teams from GameFi/ Verax/ CEX/ DEX/ Infra/ NFT market/ Oracul etc. to co-launch.

I am ready to help make my initiative, as well as other critical community initiatives, a reality now and in the future.

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I look forward to a constructive discussion