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This “strategy” is more on the mentality wise perspective.
The curreny approach of “reward X mil zk token” will NOT bring in any value, instead it will DESTROY the community in few clicks.
Please who share the same vision with me please push this post up.

Fact 1:
Full of “ChatGPT” like content. Everyone can prepare 2 tons of that kind of shit in few seconds. Anyone take those “idea” seriously will only waste the effort of the whole community bringing this project to be succeed. If we just want to be “yet another chain”, just talk with Chat GPT itself, no need to involve the community.

Fact 2:
Loss trace of the originity. Basically how can you verify an idea is the origin? Like there is 10 “posts” each with 3 origin points, that can mix and match to become !30 posts easily… Rewarding anyof those will piss off the other. Anyone want the whole community goes into war in one click?

Fact 3:
A 10B chain is not an extremely difficult goal to acheive and no crazy/destructive ideas is needed (even not in a bull market). basically, you have slightly different approach (usdc gas for example) and steady build the project with inegrating well established money market etc. I think what we are talking here is in what time frame we want to meet that milestone?

Fact 4:
Most of the worrying came from how to substain the hype. A 10B chain will never be just a hype, it will rather be a movement or just simply another playground for certain group of narrative (faster / cheaper / funnier etc). With that said, either we want to do something big without much technical advantage but the community movement or we just focus on one small side and continue to build the chain.

Chill, just 4 fun here.

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It was a nice and descriptive explanation, really Thanks for sharing your information and experience

Absolutely, I’m on board with this perspective! Let me share my thoughts:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Absolutely right about the “ChatGPT-like content” issue. We need original, high-quality ideas, not just a flood of generic posts. It’s crucial to focus on the uniqueness and practicality of contributions rather than sheer volume.

  2. Preserving Originality: This is a critical point. We need a robust system to track and credit original ideas. It’s not just about avoiding internal conflicts; it’s about valuing and encouraging genuine creativity within the community.

  3. Realistic Goals: I agree, a 10B chain is achievable with a sound strategy, even outside a bull market. It’s more about smart, incremental progress and integrating solid financial mechanisms. The timeline is important, but it’s the steady growth that counts.

  4. Beyond Hype – Building Substance: Spot on! A 10B chain isn’t just about temporary excitement. It’s about creating something that has lasting impact and appeal, whether through a strong community movement or by excelling in a specific niche. We’re crafting a space that’s not just profitable but also enjoyable and innovative.

In essence, we’re not just another chain; we’re a community with a vision. Let’s keep the focus on sustainable growth, original ideas, and genuine community engagement. Excited to be part of this journey!