【ZIP】Create accountability and the warchest while looking to the future. Look at successful projects like Optimism

Customer satisfaction is not enough. To seperate from the pack, you reach for customer delight. How do you reach customer delight? 1 is a level of communication that is unseen in the crypto space. Despite the fears of fud, greater accountability and communication inspire loyalty and faith. So many times I’ve seen teams having issues with their product yet are late to acknowledge what is occuring. If this requires go betweens, trusted community ambassadors so be it. We need in the space a greater link to what is occuring, otherwise Discord and other portals are closer to the development and team only on a surface level. People crave this, even if it isn’t the answer they want to hear. Ship it when it’s ready as best you can, not ship and repair later. The Toyota model. Along with the theme of accountability, solid measurements and goals are constructed with clear metrics to reach. In the world of programming things can ship late. But the direction should be clear which way we’re headed. We also need real founders who are willing to sacrifice and put this is as their first priority. Talk is cheap, show me what you’re made of by your actions.

Emphasis on perpetuals ? Yield farming? It’s not where we’ve been, it’s where we are going. Innovate or die. Hear proposals from the community on what can create a niche for ZK Fair, as well as what the tech stack can offer as superior over competitively to others. A thriving business model is one that can also shift in changing tides. Adapt or die. Without good reserves, you lose this ability. A warchest of cash should be emphasiszed. If anything, this creates a tangible backing for the value prop of the platform besides a future growth potential used and abused in tech companies. With that in mind, the best approach may be to onboard what will bring in revenue to build this base first, while also realizing this is not the final destination, simply buffering the future vision of what ZK Fair is capable of.

To maintain TVL and give more traffic, top act classy marketers and community outreach people can be onboarded in addition to defi project proposals. Incentives similar to Optimism for teams and individuals can be used. They can ptich the community their proposals and generate attractive opportunities for themselves, while still keeping profit and revenues in the ecosystem, at least for defi projects, while a world class marketer can have leeway. That kind of model has worked well for Optimism.

This could go to a community vote. We can seek them out, and they can be rewarded in tokens, still by community vote, and have them make their pitch on how they will report their impact and progress, being held accountable with disbursement on milestones achieved. This is a successful model and is worth being studied deeply.