[zip] 10 bilion or die try in!

[zip] i like, i am bullish, i think the future is crypto because crypto is evolution. i see crypto now like a 1-year-old baby who has to learn to walk, what to eat, experiment and learn from mistakes.
everything is relative, even the money, come and go and I would prefer that many others believe in value, quality, utility and functionality, not just copy and paste… if not, call Alex Becker and team, two weeks go to 10 billion. . and after …
basically first thinks first…community checkt, tvl checkt, etc all good, so first need ecosystem where the community can spend tvl and not move it elsewhere…stake, farm, launchpad, you know… the problem is that others they already have and the competition is fierce, so we need something extra, original, not just the same copies. here came narrative… biggest launchpad in crypto, meme factory, best de.fi. (trading, landing), utility. make some wallets and apps with a.i. narrative, or games, inscriptions… but these are all narratives. today they are, tomorrow they are not
my opinion is if a crypto project wants to pass the test of time, it needs utility… I think that the first utility for crypto is of.fi…of all kinds (the problem is gensler…but it’s temporary) in the future I see:

  1. trading without receipts, without deposits, directly from the wallet.
  2. betting platforms, casinos, as well as the largest in crypto without deposits, directly from the wallet
  3. it is necessary to urgently make a monkey meme, something as soon as you leave, which you can also airdrop for those who have zkfair or etc.
  4. games, applications that are used on the phone…wallet, bets, etc
  5. famous contracts… oracles, etc
    there are ideas and there will be…behind the project I’m sure there are talented people watching the airdrop campaign…don’t give up on it…it must continue…this is the wave to ride now, and when the wave passes, platforms must be prepared where to possibly include institutional money, etc
    and the must do… transfer 1mil zkf to my meta… :joy: :crazy_face: need them , loose some money,my wife gonna kill someone :money_mouth_face:
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