Target 10 billion usd

[ZIP] If those who stake $ZKF win USDC, it needs to be used more. Need more tx. These are mint, claim, deposit
1- The inscription can also provide more benefits for minted tokens. For example, AirDrop, DAO, or the construction of the project can be done functionally.
2- NFT minting, short-term minting and token distribution, DAO and event system for distribution.
3- More rights can be given to launchpad zkf holders and especially stakers. It needs to be done via initialization.
4- I think you need to attract many tokens from Matic and other networks, and even from other Layer 2s, OP and ARB, to the network. We can also experience the communities here. These are the best artificial intelligence tokens (agix has not partnered with any layer 2 yet) (fet has not partnered with many other projects), Rwa tokens, partnership with some important famous nft projects,
5- Special events with ref links specific to influencers. For example, more xp and tokens can be promoted from protocols and projects. But this work should not be done constantly. It should just be promoting the network. Phenomenons can be boring sometimes.
6- For stock exchange listings, a treasury is established with dao people, tokens of those who leave the treasury are taken and given to the exchanges, listing and division of the agreement.

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Kudos to shedding light on ZKFair’s growth plan. The strategic vision presented leaves readers with a sense of confidence in the project’s trajectory.:smirk:

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in zkFair we trust! Good article

ZKFair straight to mars!