[IF I were ZKFAIR CEO what I will do to achieve $10billion valuation]

[IF I were ZKFAIR CEO what I will do to achieve $10billion valuation]

  1. Ensure Gas fee on ZKFair is cheap especially to stakers of ZKF

  2. Ensure I attract project with current narrative to the chain

  3. Ensure I attract project that already have name and impact in the space to incorporate ZKFair chain and ensure a program that lowers gas fee is introduce to attract users of those popular projects

  4. Engage community ambassadors & influencers with good followership on tweeter(X) to engage tweet everyday about this unique community project, listing it advantages over there rest L2

  5. Make a surprise listing on a big exchange, this will drive curiosity and make people come over to the project

  6. Find a way to maintained the current TVL by offering folks who will be willing to keep their refundable gas fee within the ZKFair platform an incentive

  7. Make the loudest noise using all media and market makers. The louder and frequent the media noise by influencers and Green candle noise by marker makers the more visible ZKFair becomes

  8. List out comparative advantages of ZKFair over others and let the community see it

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