【ZIP】If I were the CEO of ZKFair, this would be my strategy to scale ZKFair to a 10 billion dollar project

1. Integrate Gas Fee Paymaster using ZKF three months after Mainnet launch (like Syncswap Paymaster).
Simplify transactions and enhance user experience.

2. Empower ZKF as a Governance Token.
Grant decision-making power to token holders, fostering community involvement.

3. Launch the Launchpad Platform Using ZKF.
Facilitate the launch of new projects, fostering ecosystem growth.

4. Collaborate with Quality Projects Across Categories (NFT marketplace: Element, DEX: 1INCH, Secuity: Certik, etc).
Partner with reputable projects in various sectors to broaden offerings

5. Host Onchain Activities and Events (like check-in events from Owlto).
Introduce engaging events to maintain on-chain activity and community participation.

6. Apply the principles of justice and community involvement in every decision-making process.
Ensure fairness and inclusivity are integral to the decision-making framework.

7. List on Major CEXs (like Binance, Bybit, etc).
Increase visibility and accessibility through listings on major centralized exchanges.

By executing these strategies, ZKFair aims to enhance functionality, community engagement, partnerships, market presence, fairness, and on-chain activity, contributing to its strategic goal of reaching a $10 billion valuation.

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