app + memcoin + liquidity + freezing

Hi all.
My proposal is to attract liquidity from those who are already interested in the project.
1 We need an application for swaps and investment of liquidity in the network. To increase the strength of the network.
2. We must launch the ZkfirePEPE memcoin on the network to attract the public. We need to give this memcon a utility.
3. We introduce the vesting of coins from the airdrop for 1-3 years. We can use this to attract liquidity to the network + provide the utility to our ZkfirePEPE.
4. Those users who trade ZkfairPEPE, hold, provide funds to the liquidity pool receive accelerated unlocking of vesting for coins from the airdrop. I don’t know English well, but if necessary I can use an interpreter

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