You messed up, check the proposals at least!

You messed up hard, check the proposals, top ones are chatgpt texts with massive bot/sybils.

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Meanwhile I only got a total of 15 likes from 3 proposals, and that’s draining my brain cells lmaoo

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This team does not care about quality mate, look at the top 10 they chose, mostly bots!

They should fix it. So sad

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Honestly, I think teams should choose proposals based on quality, not quantity of likes and comments.
and also reduce it to 5M token for 10 winners and divide another 5M token for each quality proposal that does not get the intention

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yes thank you! this is how it should be, but they act like they don’t care. one thing btw, have you ever seen a mod here? responding to something?

Absolutely! Because of this I create this propos, please react and leave your opinion

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I think this is the only mod account here, DM him everyone, ask him to change their minds again: