ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar

Hello, I have been in the crypto ecosystem for years and have a lot of experience. I have seen many projects go bankrupt and projects that did very well.
My advice is to manage the $ZKF Token volume very well and do a lot of collaboration. As the TVL ratio increases, it will attract more attention and the listing rate on the stock exchanges will increase.
Since there are not enough platforms in the ecosystem, there is very little place for users to earn their fees. For the continuity of the platform, new developers must be found within the zkfair ecosystem, various events must be held within the platform, and platforms such as $ZKF staking platform and NFT market must be included in the ecosystem.
The answer to your question is very simple, why should the user keep $ZKF token for a long time? The answer to this will be obtained by realizing the issues I mentioned above.
Users will prefer to use tokens on the platform rather than selling them. With the increasing TVL rate, you can make agreements with many stock exchanges and achieve your long-term goals.
Thank you so much for my recommendations.

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TVL I agree is the the biggest metric to show the viability of any blockchain

Interesting man but I would like to see more usecases for ZKF