【ZIP】There is no growth, 10 billion is the first step

Let’s talk about attracting 10 billion!
At first glance, this is almost impossible without investors with their investments, they inspire confidence in the project, but let’s not forget with you that in this situation we are a collective investor who supported the idea of developers. At this stage, we have 95% of tokens along with a team of developers, which did a very large job for which only 2% of all tokens was allocated, they did not leave us and continue to maintain the project.
Let me sign your plan by point:

  1. It is necessary to increase the methods of using ZKF token, the main use of the developers that offer us is the resting with Revardations and voting, but this is not enough, and such a model is used in almost all solutions of the second level.
    I propose to distribute NFT with a tie to a wallet that is not transmitted, to everyone who will go to a certain pool of 20,000 coins with a lock for 6 months for 6 months, 10,000 with a lock for 1 year while these purses They will have the right to receive awards with commissions, these commissions will not be transferred to steakers, but will be placed in a special pool. This pool will be used by various reward programs.
    Thus, according to my calculations, we block approximately 10-20% of all ZKF tokens that are in circulation.
    This NFT will be released immediately after it makes coins before being, it will be impossible to pick up your coins before expiration !!
    This NFT will be used as a passing at ZKFARIR ECOSISISTE, using its owners will turn out to be reliable long -term investors and will be able to get 10% of all distributions of tokens in the ZKFAIR ectosystem, I think the projects themselves will be glad to encourage them to spread, knowing that they can maintain these The tokens are sent for staining.

  2. The second point will be 10 % of the direction from the receipt and burning of ZKF tokens received, which will attract the attention of both great capital and average, people will know that every month the amount of ZKF is reduced, which makes their position stronger.

  3. It is necessary to create a system for encouraging developers of various projects in the ecosystem, it is already worth creating a vote and determining the rules and amounts of remuneration.

  4. You must make the possession of the ZKF token at a distance will be more profitable than its sale, for this you can independently attract developers and create a launcher, where new projects will not be released by selling them, but ZKF transfers for them, but In exchange for the distribution of project tokens, provided that the project cannot get rid of half of the obtained ZKF tokens within 1 year, that is, it will not be sold, and promotion on both sides. You can, of course, develop a more advanced system.

  5. Nickel Network will not be popular without many EKOSYSTEM projects, in any GameFi project to create a 1-2 cent committee, but we all understand that this is a trifle, but only with a small number of users. And with such commissions to earn or just play games, it will be much more interesting for both users and developers.

  6. You can also collect pools for the development of various applications that we will be priority, for example, the development of our own wallet in accordance with the type of Kepler at the border, in which staining, air solutions, voting, etc. will be built in.

In fact, bring the project to the capitalization of 10 billion. This is very simple, the main thing is that everyone around you realized that our ship was already sailing, and they will fall into it even better.
I have everything, I can say that it will not be easy with so many ZKF holders for the first time, but we can handle it, and the tokens will be very quickly reduced to the right hands.

Sincerely, your modest servant Noobsaibot !!!

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Your strategy is interesting, it may work, only one thing is that everything will be as always, large capital will remain in the black.