【ZIP】If you were the CEO of ZKFair, how would you strategically elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project?common

【ZIP】I would add a referral program and a minimum entry threshold for referred users, because we are striving for decentralization and must take into account all the nuances and the fact that there are many users on the market with little capital
That is, everyone who stakes zkFair will receive profitability from the person invited, but will also give 30% of this profitability to the user whom they invited as rewards; at the same time, they can also invite friends and receive additional rewards for them, but at the same time everyone will be interested in this - it’s cool )
you can add and for swaps for burning usdc you can receive a zkFair token, this way you can make the zkFair token scarce and at the same time stake it for profitability
at the same time, attract as many users as possible into the ecosystem and everyone will try it, also introduce Web3 games with the same goal of burning usdc, TWL will grow to the top)))

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