【ZIP】zkFair is very suitable for fully on-chain order book DEX

The biggest problem of zkfair at present is the lack of ecosystems applications. ecosystems applications play a key role in the public chain. They attract user participation, promote the development of the public chain, and increase network effects.

If I were the CEO of ZKFair, I would do the following two things first:

  1. Marketing: Use self-media, KOLs, ambassadors and other resources to actively carry out marketing activities to let users understand the characteristics, advantages and innovations of zkfair, and continuously improve the popularity and exposure of zkfair.

  2. Support innovative ecosystems: In order to attract more traffic and users, we must come up with innovative things. I will not consider deploying a sustainable exchange like GMX. After all, GMX is Arbitrum’s iconic ecosystem application, just like pancake. It is the same as the iconic application of BNB chain. zkFair should have its own iconic application, such as considering deploying Gridex Protocol (The first infinitely scalable fully on-chain order book DEX for EVM). Organize some trading reward activities to increase user stickiness, just like uniswap did at the beginning. The gas fee of zkFair is very cheap, and the gas fee is based on the consumption of USDC. I think it is very suitable for fully on-chain order book DEX. This is an opportunity.

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