【ZIP】Strategically develop ZKFair ecosystem

2 things we need to emphasize are community and ecosystem! In order to grow our community we first need to grow our ecosystem with a variety of DAPPS such us NFT marketplace, DEX, Tools for developers to help them build, Perpetual DEX and community Rewarding programms to incentivise the ZKFair community to participate in the development of the ZKFair ecosystem. ( Airdrops have a huge hype behind them currently ) They key to our success as a community project is to 1. Offer what multi billion $ projects offer in our own unique way. And 2. Build the strongest community in the crypto space

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A well-thought-out plan for ZKFair’s growth. The project’s potential is clearly articulated.

The strategic vision outlined for ZKFair is impressive, indicating a roadmap for sustained success and community engagement.":heart::heart:

Really appreciated for being here and to share moment with you