【ZIP】3 step plan for a 10 billion dollar chain

  1. Create a marketplace on zkfair for free mint NFT projects. This will incentivize building of projects/games/teams to build projects on zkfair. Take no fees in the first 3 months. Give companies the ablity to list and have access to devs for help setting up projects in zkfair ecosystem. Disallowing companies to charge a fee for their nft mints will be a unique proposition for zkfair by making it so that the companies have to work hard after the mint to make money, and avoids the rugging we see in lots of paid nft projects. That unique proposition will be very valuable to the chain’s early days/months/years. It directly will tie into bullet point number 2.

  2. Incentivize via grants to these companies based on gas fee usage. You need to have a system in place to verify/validate legitimacy of projects. Once a project is verified, and they reach a certain milestone target of volume, they become eligible for a gas fee incentive. Where all transactions of their nft collections qualify for the team to be granted funds by the zkfair bank. They can set a royalty fee as well so by building a great project they will secure royalty funds on transactions as well as gas fee incentive of $ZKF. This is a great way to incentivize a fast growth of the ecosystem.

  3. Create an official ZKFair NFT membership. This membership token will give users a small percentage of gas fees collected on the chain. The growth of ZKFair === growth in value of the NFT collection. The collection will be extremely unique as it will be an integral part of the ecosystem and allows people to buy in to the ecosystem. This can generate value for the team wallets as well and the team can allocate a percentage of the mint into the bank for further marketing and incentive usage.

All three of these points together will facilitate one of the most unique offerings a layer 2 solution has ever had, and can result in fast, effective growth at every level.