【ZIP】 ZKfair - NFT/MEME/METAVERSE 10 billion

Hello everyone, I’m delighted that you have chosen to visit me, as it is important for me to share my thoughts and opinions on the enhancement of ZkFair, as well as attracting a potential 10-15 billion.

The sum of 10 billion is a significant amount, thus the approach should be unconventional and exceptional.
Approximately 90-95% of cryptocurrency users are individuals seeking easy earnings and financial improvement.
There are several strategies that can help attract such ambitious and greedy users. They are seeking opportunities for quick enrichment and improvement of their financial status.
I have some innovative ideas that can help generate a tremendous buzz around your project.


  1. Creating a metaverse, a real-life game (for example, with challenges) everyone has a phone to participate.
    1.1. Designing challenge-like tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
    (Example tasks: going to the gym, cooking pizza, swimming in a lake, hiking to the top of a mountain, playing football, etc. Additionally, purchasing a specific cryptocurrency and holding it for a certain period of time (this can aid in collaborations with other crypto projects). By engaging users in real-life activities, we can provide additional benefits to ZKfair users.
    (To verify completion, we can require photo reports within the application, along with access to geolocation.)

  2. Creating a MEME token.
    Currently, people are actively seeking easy money, and they are captivated by meme coins. This is an interesting and relevant approach.

  3. Distributing MEME(game coin) airdrops exclusively through our game, as a reward for completing tasks (as mentioned in point 1, 1.1). Implementing a loyalty program and incentives to retain users and encourage active usage of ZKfair.

  4. Implementing a high-quality advertising campaign, including purchasing advertisements from top bloggers and collaborating with notable figures in the cryptocurrency field. This will help generate significant hype for the project.

NFT collabs.

Creating a collection of unparalleled (NFTs) based on our MEME coin, utilizing key moments from the challenges we will propose for completion.

Exciting collaborations are possible, where users can fulfill real-life tasks, such as purchasing specific items (toys, beverages, etc.) to obtain a unique NFT code. This will unlock unique opportunities for ZKfair to collaborate with other projects.

The development of an effective marketing strategy will play a crucial role in attracting new users and increasing the visibility of ZkFair.
It will be possible to add more if you are interested in my idea, I will be glad to cooperate and help in development.

Thank you for your attention! I wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck! See you in 2024!
ZKFair to the MOON!

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If anyone has questions or new suggestions, leave them here, I will be glad to chat and collaborate. :jigsaw:

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NFT/MEME/META/DeFi users are already well-versed in blockchain and cryptocurrency. They seek tangible benefits, innovation, and fresh ideas. They tend to rely on their past experiences and the opinions of crypto community leaders.

Therefore, the success of promoting nft/meme/meta/DeFi relies on the novelty of the project idea and its global reach. Reviews, news discussions, media mentions, and the influence of opinion leaders generate interest, trust, and drive traffic to the project.

This is a proven strategy for the successful development of a crypto service. Opinion leaders and influential figures on social media can quickly attract attention to a new project through reviews and discussions. The largest community of experts can be found on Twitter, followed by Telegram, Reddit, and Youtube.

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Listen, I decided to support you in return, but after I read your version, I realized that you don’t need support, you have a very cool idea, I hope sooner or later you’ll be able to implement it! It will be something new and cool!

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Thanks so much! ZKfair to the MOON! <3

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I came up with the name, ZKfairMeme coin :slight_smile:

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thanks for the support, I appreciate it!

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Looks very interesting, cool idea, I would take part in such a project :clap:

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Good idea bro, keep up the good work

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If you have anything to add, I’ll be glad to listen, thank you

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difficult to implement, but it is quite possible to implement, and needs to be developed

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metaverse is a huge potential for ZKfair :rocket:

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yooooup bro :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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yeah but it is real bro

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I think, first you need to determine the target audience - age, category of people, I mean for the metaverse, so that you can then draw up a plan for the implementation of your idea.

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thank you for the recommendations, I appreciate it

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The idea of a metaverse is not very new, but the implementation plan itself looks like something new :+1:

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to the moooon :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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An interesting proposal, huge potential, and easy to implement…
gl with that

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Thank you,ZKfair to the moon <3

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