[ZIP] proposal for DAO voting and other

My proposal:

  • Open information about network maintenance costs and launch the corresponding dashboard. (The current commission distribution structure is not transparent)

  • Changing the commission structure. 45% for stakers, 10% for applications, 45% for network maintenance, partner services and ecosystem development.

  • Possibility of distributing income from staking in favor of a third party, which will allow you to participate in the financing of various projects or network without harming staking. This will make staking more functional and will allow users to provide additional funding to projects supported by ZKFair, which will facilitate funding from ZKfair and benefit both users and applications.

  • Allocation of part of the commission to the creation of the ZKFair development fund for the creation and deployment of new applications. Funding can be carried out both by the fund and by individual users through the staking panel.

  • Initiate the deployment of leading protocols (aave, uniswap, opensea, stargate and others).

  • Direct 1% of the funds allocated for network maintenance to the weekly (or monthly) repurchase of ZKF and their subsequent burning.

  • Explore the technical feasibility of creating a channel with isolated blockchains (such as Cardano and others), which will allow you to attract uninvolved users and applications to the network, create conditions for their subsequent migration to ZKFair.

  • Direct part of the funds from network maintenance to recruiting key developers and paying them, to systematic bounty programs to find vulnerabilities, and to comply with regulations.

  • Development of an NFT collection where each item is unique, which will become the face of the network and a mascot. Mint free and exclusively for Gas Fee Airdrop participants as their encouragement and 5% royalty on sales exclusively to the network maintenance fund.

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