【ZIP】Expand The Gas Fee Sharing Mechanism

:point_right:EXPAND THE GAS FEE SHARING MECHANISM :point_left:

As in the docs, the gas fee will be divided 75% for stakers and 25% for devs of dapps of the zkFair ecosystem. I propose to expand and go deeper.

1. 75% for stakers

:point_right: This portion will be divided 75% to farm pools via sZKF (a form of staking of $ZKF).

:point_right: The remaining 25% will be used to organize a contest for sZKF owners, “Spotlight proposal of the week” or month or 2 weeks.

2. 25% for devs of dapps

This section will be divided into 4 parts:

:point_right: 5% Hackathon or Grant for build on zkFair (Looking for factor X, creating breakthroughs for the ecosystem…)

:point_right: 10% for partners and marketing (sponsorship, strategic cooperation, technology development…)

:point_right: 5% for dev and team Zkfair (personnel, office, resources…)

:point_right: 5% for security and special events (Bring peace of mind to the community, limit risks caused by black swan events…)

=> That is a proposal for the longevity and stability of the project. But, at the present time, a major event is the core point that brings about the outstanding development of the project.

A hackathon or a large grant needs to be done. I suggest using the entire $3M to build it. Attractive projects will come to zkFair, and users and capital will constantly come to zkFair. And of course, the more gas fees burned, the strong growth of the project is obvious

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In addition, to better understand sZKF (a form of staking of $ZKF), you can read my other proposal on an expanded staking mechanism, bringing sustainable development to the zkFair ecosystem.

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I like a Hackathon with $3M, but reward for 1 or 3 or 10 projects?

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One project is too demanding, 10 projects are too many. 3 projects with $1M each is a good number.

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Yeah! So am I! And opening asap

Its unwise to bank the whole 3m to a single event.

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100%! Good plan. They also should deposit USDC to Coinbase to earn 5% Yield and share with USDC holders

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Actually, 3M is not everything. Zkfair has collected gas fees in the past and after users claimed refunds, airdrop claims also increased significantly. Not to mention the effect of capital pouring into projects participating in the competition

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Yeah, you’re right, but they should add liquidity to bridges, DEXs and so on. It’s good idea to use quite big amount of funds for development of ecosystem, but not 3million grants, should be lower imho.
Something like this one, with the stages and increasing rewards system🔽