【ZIP】If i'm the CEO of ZKFair, How to Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar Project ?

0x1. As one of the few projects recognized and authorized by Polygon, we will expand our cooperation with Polygon and introduce more high-quality projects into the ecosystem, such as the leading dex/nft exchange/lending projects, etc.
0x2. The real connotation of web3 is decentralization, making zkfair truly a project that everyone participates in and shares. The most important part of this is to ensure the income of holders. However, due to the constraints of securities laws, it cannot be directly Share gas revenue to users, so you can:
a. Introducing loan projects.
b. Use gas income to repurchase zkf tokens.
c. Give rewards to pledgers.
d. Learn the deflation mechanism of eth tokens to destroy some tokens by burning them in transaction fees.
and other methods to reduce the circulation of tokens and provide each holder with a real income guarantee.
0x3. use gas income to maintain various operating expenses and Strengthen cooperation with leading exchanges, which can enhance the liquidity of zkf.
0x4. At present, the ecology of zkfair itself is still very weak, but bridging can be used to bridge the resources of other chains, making zkfair a cheaper alternative platform for them. The prosperity of transactions can promote better and healthy development of the ecology.
0x5. Always be community-based and never do anything that harms the overall interests of the community. Only by working together to make the cake bigger, everyone involved will benefit.

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