[ZIP] If I were the CEO I would do the following

Firstly, for an ecosystem to thrive, it must have a strong community, which we already possess. Next, we just need to intensify our promotion, similar to what Base does.

  1. Support a ZKFair ecosystem meme. This is one of the best ways. Where there is a wealth effect, there will be capital inflow. The currently hot inscriptions are just a marketing opportunity, and we are ready for everything.
  2. Contact well-known KOLs for large-scale marketing, let everyone know about the ZKF ecosystem’s reputation first, and attract more users and investors.
  3. Optimize user experience: Continuously optimize products, provide a better user experience, in order to attract and retain users.
  4. Enrich the ecosystem as soon as possible: For example, perpetual exchanges, inscription markets, NFT markets, etc., to give users more choices. We can also provide some new financial products, such as lending services or insurance services.
  5. Community building: Establish and maintain an active community, let users participate in the operation and decision-making of the project, and enhance users’ sense of belonging and loyalty. The most important thing in the early stage is to create a wealth effect, which is the key to whether the ZKFair ecosystem can grow and strengthen.
    Finally, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy bride, and I wish our ZKFair chain to land on the moon.
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