Spanish-speaking public

New category.
The Spanish-speaking public is often left out of the debate.

It would be great to have a Spanish-speaking channel where Spanish-speaking influencers can approach and learn about the ZKFAIR project. In crypto some have more than 1M followers.

invite them to learn about the project and its ecosystem, its potential and reach millions of people in LATAM and Spain

Include people who are moderators of these channels and who allow the ZKFAIR project and the new projects within its ecosystem to be brought closer.

I am in several influencer groups on telegram and YouTube.
We talk every day about new DeFi projects and there are thousands of followers on their telegram

Nueva Categoria.
el publico de habla hispana muchas veces queda fuera del debate.

Sería genial poder contar con un canal de habla hispana donde se puedan acercar influencers de habla hispana que permitan conocer el proyecto de ZKFAIR. en crypto algunos tienen más de 1M de seguidores.

invitarlos a conocer el proyecto y su ecosistema, su potencial y llegar a millones de personas en LATAM y España

Incluir personas que sean moderadores de estos canales y que permitan acercar el proyecto de ZKFAIR y los nuevos proyectos dentro de su ecosistema.

Estoy en varios grupos de influencers en telegram y youtube.
conversamos día a día de nuevos proyectos DeFi y hay miles de seguidores en sus telegram

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Need more reginal channels yes!

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yes more languages, it will grow the community

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please add Portuguese

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Italian too please :pray:

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Please add Danish language, that would be great! :pray:

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Russian speaking would be also great

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I really need the Russian language, please do.

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Informative and inspiring. The project appears poised for well-rounded success. Count me in!

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I need Russian, I want to speak my native language.

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