【ZIP】How to Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar Project?There may be do this

  1. Create a dynamic ecosystem interface with an experience bar. Each time an experience position is reached, light up an image (claimable NFT).
  2. Establish a dynamic XP leaderboard.
  3. Generate invitation links. The inviter receives a reward of 10% of the invited person’s interaction experience, with rewards decreasing according to the number of people.
  4. Display DAPPs within the ecosystem on the interface, marking the basic experience value for each DAPP interaction (related to the amount, the larger the amount, the more experience, but the specific amount of experience gained is not displayed and is calculated in the background). The experience value that can be obtained from the same DAPP decreases according to the number of interactions and is distinguished by color. The first interaction with the highest experience value is marked in red, and the tenth interaction with the least experience value is marked in gray. The most effective way to gain experience is to interact with all DAPPs in a large amount once.
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Overall I like your concept, but the leaderboard idea doesn’t inspire confidence in me.

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