【ZIP】Gold Strategy to Reach 10 Billion Dollars

The ZKFair project has everything to be a top 20 in the market

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The network couldn t handle processing so many requests simultaneously during the airdrop. scalability needs improvement

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I didn t understand why you want PancakeSwap and Uniswap but I liked the rest

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People are accustomed to using these platforms, so it would bring more comfort.

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Indeed, we have the potential for it

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You are very welcome

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I also believe that the market deserves these fair launches

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You are welcome my friend

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I think staking is a good start.

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Need a minimum incentive of 2 million dollars for devs

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It depends a lot on how much market cap it will raise

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The team did good marketing; we just need to expand on that

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What happened in the airdrop was a stress on the network but everything turned out well

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I use Okx and mexc Exchange are good partnerships

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The key is ZFair blockchain surpass 40,000 transactions per second similar to Arbitrum

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I hope that we can achieve that accomplishment

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Add more liquidity on Exchanges

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1 million already is good

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I think that it will be top 30

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I believe your plan can succeed

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