〖ZIP〗FairLaunch mechanisms: Increase fairness, on-chain activity and ZKF valuation all together, simultaneously

Recently, it has been announced that ZKFAIR aims to become the capital of fair launches within the blockchain space. However, the primary challenge lies in creating a genuinely fair system for these launches. The proposed mechanism outlined below aims to address this challenge and is built on three core objectives:

  1. Increase Fairness
  2. Increase On-Chain Activity
  3. Boost ZKF Valuation

Proposed Launch Mechanism:

ZKFAIR initially adopted an innovative approach for distributing its tokens. We propose to maintain this concept for all fair launches on the chain, but with enhancements to ensure even greater fairness.

The launches should include whitelist spots with maximum allocations per wallet. While this might initially seem unfair, the full proposal will provide a clearer picture. First of all, It’s crucial to avoid a First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) approach as it tends to benefit programmers or insiders disproportionately. Instead, we propose a fair and transparent on-chain whitelist selection process for every launch.

Here’s how it works:

  • Before each fair launch (e.g., one with a ~1m FDV cap and high hype), two verifiable random dates will be chosen, creating a verifiable random period of time (from the first day of the zkfair mainnet until the launch date).
  • Allocate 60% of the spots to users who spent the most gas during this period.
  • Assign 30% of spots completely at random to users who spent a minimum of $X in gas during this period.
  • Reserve 10% of spots for the highest overall gas spenders on the chain, irrespective of the period.

This method determines the whitelisted users. The launch will continue for several hours before opening up to other users through a specific mechanism until sold out.

The Core Value of This Simple Yet Effective Method:

This straightforward idea can become a core value of our new chain, ensuring launches are fair and transparent. The incentive to burn gas leads to increased gas consumption, directly benefiting ZKF holders and enhancing ZKF’s valuation. Moreover, this system ensures users that every dollar they spent on gas is meaningful, and might provide valuable opportunities in new launches in the future. It creates a level playing field where the difference between large investors and retail participants is minimized, and every participant on the chain has a chance.

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