【ZIP】Proposal: ZKF Development Incentives and Token Utility Expansion

Dear ZKFair Community,

If I were the CEO of ZKFair, and I would like to present a strategic plan to elevate ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project. We believe in the power of the community and aim to harness collective wisdom to achieve this ambitious goal. Here are the proposed steps:

Developer Incentives:
To foster innovation and attract top talent, we will allocate a portion of the transaction fee revenue as an additional bonus for periodic developer activities. This additional bonus can be utilized in three areas:
Hackathon Development Competition: Organize hackathons to encourage developers to showcase their skills and creativity in building projects on the ZKFair network. The winners will receive rewards from the bonus pool.

Top-performing DApps: Recognize and reward DApps that demonstrate high user engagement and contribute to the growth of the ZKFair ecosystem. Developers of these DApps will receive incentives from the bonus pool.

Most Creative DApp: Encourage developers to come up with innovative DApp ideas and implementations. A competition will be held to select the most creative DApp, and both the winning developer and users of the DApp will be rewarded from the bonus pool.

These initiatives will incentivize developers to build on ZKFair, drive user participation, and generate additional revenue streams.

Token Use Case Expansion:
To further enhance the utility and demand for ZKF tokens, we propose integrating ZKFair’s cross-chain smart yield engine and liquidity aggregator into other ZK-based DeFi projects. By extending ZKF staking to multiple chains, users who stake ZKF and actively participate on the ZKFair network will receive yield bonuses. This will provide users with additional income opportunities and incentivize them to stay engaged within the ZKFair ecosystem.

Token Buyback and Burning:
To maintain a healthy token economy, we suggest implementing a token buyback and burning plan based on the gas revenue generated by ZKFair. This program will ensure a deflationary mechanism, gradually reducing the total supply of ZKF tokens to maintain a target total supply of 100 million tokens.

By implementing these strategic initiatives, we can create a sustainable and thriving project valued at tens of billions of dollars. These steps will help maintain Total Value Locked (TVL), attract more traffic, and expand the ZKFair ecosystem. The success of ZKFair relies on the active participation and support of the community.

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【ZIP】If I was The CEO of ZKFair , First, I would reassure users that their money is safe. We are tired of hacking news. The first thing I looked at is security. I am generally use optimism and base network because they are really cheap and fast as they say. If ZKFair wants to user , they should fulfill what they suggest . For utility there is no different idea in all ecosystem .Every project use same argument .
If I was The CEO I try the mix of the argument ;

  1. DAO
  2. Users can spend ZKF for fee
  3. Buyback and burn mechanism
  4. For token holder some advantages (for example more locked time more APR),
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@wengwagon burn need 100%

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That’s a really cool idea. :exploding_head: