【ZIP】Creation $1M Grant Program to Draw Builders to ZKFair Ecosystem

Good morning boys.
Here some updates :arrow_heading_down:

Fair Build is a grant program on ZKFair that will take place in #3 stages, the rewards in each of them may increase and change.

Fair Build #1 will be held from January 7-30 in which absolutely all projects from the blockchain infrastructure can participate, the prize fund of the first stage is 300,000 $USDC.

Rewards will be distributed as follows among 5 best project on ZKFair:

  • 1nd place project will receive 100,000 $USDC;

  • 2nd place project will receive 80,000 $USDC;

  • 3rd-5th places will receive per 40,000 $USDC.

Voting and decision-making will be diversified, there will be a balance between the votes of the ZKFair team and partners/the votes of holders who stake their $ZKF tokens.


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