〖ZIP〗Everyone who endorses this ZIP will get a share of the 1 million ZKF reward!



This ZIP proposes distributing 1 million ZKF tokens among everyone who endorses this message. Participation is simple, just comment bellow with the phrase “I endorse this message” and you will get a share from the reward.


The primary motivation behind this proposal is my growing frustration with the prevalence of AI-generated proposals and cringe-inducing messages originating from the same group of individuals or OP’s aliase :face_vomiting:. Most of them blurb some nonsense proposal and then spam the comments sections. We are here to stop them!


Aligned with ZKFair’s mission for a strong community, this proposal will reward all members who endorse this message.

Key Terms:
OP = :clown_face: original poster, blurb = :poop: proposal, AI-generated = used :robot: chat-gpt and similar tools, aliases = sybil comments


The distribution will utilize ZKFair’s existing network.

Steps to Implement:

  1. Announce the proposal to the community.
  2. Community endorses my ZIP
  3. We win together similar with the ZIP ethos.
  4. ZKFair team gives me the reward
  5. Distribute tokens evenly among endorsers.


Announcement: Today
Endorsement Period: Until the end of the campaign
Distribution: When I recieve the tokens, I will try to do it as fast as possible, but no later than 3 days.
Overall Cost: The total cost is the 1 million ZKF tokens to be distributed - the gas fees I will have to pay. There are no additional financial costs involved in the implementation.

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I endorse this message

I endorse this message

I endorse this message :rofl:

I’m with uncle Bernie on this one

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I endorse this message, lets do it)

Nice ZIP

I endorse this message


This one is funny! :)))) wonder what they do if this gets elected!

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Count me in, I endorse this message

I endorse this message

I endorse this message - nice and funny take on the ZIP proposal event. :joy:

Great, I endorse this message

No, there’s no way we’re going to resort to that idea. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Why not? This one is very clever imho

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Lol, that’s weird but interesting dude …

I endorse this message


thank you very much …