99% of these 【ZIP】 suggestions are so bad and cringe

I mean, the OP’s are obviously talking with themselves, friends or alts in the comments. Most of the 【ZIP】 are generated by chat-gpt and make no sense, man this whole thing is so cringe. I wish good luck to the people who have to grade these. I really like ZKFair, but most of these ZIP’s are atrocious.

I browsed a bit and only saw 2-3 that make sense. Other ones are pure garbage generated by chat-gpt.

One guy was like “Oh, my thread is number one, because I spam too much…” - lol

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Completely agree. ZKFair Team needs to eliminate things that do not qualify as a proposal.

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Its full of ChatGPT trash proposals. Its really hard to read something meaningful.

Totally agree with you

Good idea! Wish you luck!