【ZIP】Creation $1M Grant Program to Draw Builders to ZKFair Ecosystem

Yes @Jonathan I read your proposal, the strategy for retaining users, the system of rewards and incentives is very important, the team can buy back their $ZKF tokens from the commissions received as a result of burning by users, but I think that a lot of resources are needed to ensure all this.

My opinion is that we need to build an ecosystem, invest and encourage, attract venture investors. A larger ecosystem means more users and more transactions, so the project will function successfully. After this, the project can concentrate on airdrops that will distribute new projects built on ZKFair, main exchanges, marketplaces, AI projects. The team can provide them with mentorship and support, with the help of which they will successfully launch and greatly increase our community.

Accordingly, we are further faced with the question: how can we attract new users and maintain the flow of transactions?

And here is the answer, we need to attract projects at different stages in order to develop the ecosystem, and by doing this, drops, millions of transactions and venture investments will occur in the ZKFair blockchain community. So it would make sense to launch a grant system that will attract the best of the best, bingo.