【ZIP】 Fair Strategy to BUIDL a 10 billion dollar project

If i am ZKFair CEO this is the action plan and vision i will sell to all stakeholders to build an amazing blockchain project…

  1. Establish grants, mentorships and incubator programs to support developers building on ZKFair.
  • Create a $100 million grant fund to provide capital for developers and projects building on ZKFair. Have open quarterly applications where teams can apply for funding.

  • Set up a network of expert crypto mentors who can provide guidance to developers on business strategy, marketing, operations, etc. Assign mentors to grant winners.

  • Launch a 12 week incubator program focused on supporting early stage startups in areas like DeFi, NFTs, gaming and more. Provide work space, seed funding, mentorship, and access to investors. Graduate 2 classes of 8 startups per year.

  1. Form strategic partnerships with leading crypto companies, VCs and KOLs to boost visibility.
  • Identify top 5 DeFi/NFT projects to partner with and explore collaborations on technology, co-marketing, event and product launches.

  • Partner with 2 leading crypto VCs to set up a joint $50 million fund focused on funding projects building on ZKFair. Offer discounted services to their portfolio.

  • Recruit ambassadors and compensating them in ZKFair tokens to get endorsements.

  • Sponsor and speak at key crypto/blockchain conferences like Consensus to tap networks of crypto influencers.

  1. Hire exceptional talent especially in marketing, operations and community engagement to drive and sustain growth.
  • Hire marketing team across content, social media, influencer partnerships and PR - aim for 25 member team.

  • Build out community management team with Customer Success Managers and moderators for discord/social channels.

  • Recruit COO and VP of Operations experienced in blockchain startups to scale operations.

  • Hire community engagement leads focused on educating, onboarding and activating users across various applications.

  • Offer competitive compensation packages with partly equity/token-based pay tied to company growth goals.

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wow 不错不错嘛给你点赞。。。。。。。。。。

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Thoughtful and promising! The improvement plan sparks optimism for ZKFair’s future. Excited to witness the positive transformation and be part of this incredible journey! :rocket::smirk:

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very cool. I hope everything works out for you. if it’s really the way you write it will be great

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Impressed by the author’s strategic foresight for ZKFair. The article crafts a persuasive narrative for the project’s promising future.

Kudos to the author for a detailed exploration of ZKFair’s development strategies. The project’s outlook appears positive and exciting