[ZIP] Create lottery mechanism to motivate users to interact with zkfair

1, from the daily gas revenue, 20% into the bonus pool
2. Participation qualification
(1) Within the effective time of this period, the main network interaction is >3 times, and the weight is obtained once
(2) Within the current effective time, the main network interaction amount is >1000USDC, and the weight is obtained once
(3) Within the current effective time, the main network NFT buy/sell >1 time, get 1 weight
(4) Purchase lottery tickets (1USDC/1 ticket, all ticket income into the current bonus pool), 1 ticket =1 weight
tip: Deploy lucky inscriptions, each lottery ticket sales, automatically send a lucky inscription to the payment address, a total of 240 million, the end of the issue, the inscription is the Genesis inscription of the lottery ticket, no more issues.
(5) lucky inscriptions >100 addresses, each subsequent draw weight +1 times. All subsequent iterations of the lottery mechanism will consider enabling lucky inscriptions.
3. Lucky draw mechanism
(1) Draw once a week and distribute 80% of the prize pool
(2) Open N prizes and share 80% of the current prize money
tip: N= Eligible address /10000 (round)
(3) Lottery rules: Random lottery is carried out according to the weight, assuming that the weight of address A is 1, and the weight of address B is 5, then it should be random in 6 numbers, and the chance of B is much greater than 1.
(4) The remaining 20% of the distribution, I hope to extend the cycle as far as possible, quarterly, or half a year as the node, out of tens of millions of U, or even hundreds of millions of U awards, which will make zkfair spread around the world. We want the number of people to be as small as possible, three or one.

Do you mean about a dApp?