[zip]The process of zkfair reaching a market value of US$10 billion

ZKF’s gas fee repurchases ZKF coins, and then uses ZKF coins to distribute dividends to users, which is beneficial to increasing the price of ZKF coins and enhancing the rights of ZKF coins.

If you want to reach a market cap of $10 billion, you have to create an environment that consumes zkf coins.

We need to focus on giving zkf rights. If zkf cannot be given its rights and interests, then it will be no different from air coins.

Below I will mention some scenarios where zkf coin equity can be enhanced.
Add zkf single currency to the single currency staking mining scenario.
Add zkf group lp scene.
Added inscriptions that can only be cast using zkf and trading scenarios that can only use zkf.
Adding nft can only use zkf minting and trading scenarios.

As long as Zkf’s consumption and use environment is established, the market value will definitely reach 10 billion US dollars.

All gas fees are used to buy back ZKF coins, which are then distributed to ZKF holders and stakers in order to form a sustainable positive cycle of rising prices.

Enable the reward for inviting new users and earn 20% of the invitee reward during the active period and 5% for life.
Exchange 1$ to get Boost x 1 zkfPoint
Buy ZkF and get 20% bonus zkPoints
Basic reward rate: 0.02 Zkf for 1 USD
Your reward is proportional to your zkPoints
Rewards will be distributed on the 1st and 16th of every month

The Zf coins of the zkSwap Finance project of the zksync chain are all Zf coins repurchased using natural gas fees and distributed to zf staking users.

The price of Zf coin on December 30, 2023 is 0.03u

The following is the official website of zf. It is recommended that all parties involved in the project refer to the usage scenarios. I benchmarked the price of the zf currency using zkf. At least I saw the price of zkf is 0.03 to 0.05u.

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