【ZIP】A $10 billion project! Decentralized Venture Fund ZKFair!

In this proposal, I decided not to mention typical elements of development for every crypto project, such as marketing, partnerships with other projects, expansion of DApps, increasing the number of exchanges for ZKF token trading, etc. These aspects can be observed in other projects, and there are plenty of examples. I want to try offering something new and would like to see how it will be implemented. Here’s my proposal:

Creation of a Decentralized Venture Fund: Involvement of ZKF Token Holders in Investment and Voting


ZKF token holders can participate in early-stage investments in crypto startups, similar to venture funds, and actively contribute to voting on investment decisions. This decentralized approach to venture financing not only ensures maximum transparency and fairness but also provides ZKF token holders with a unique opportunity to actively influence the shaping of the future blockchain space.

Key Features:

Token Holder Voting: The more tokens a holder possesses, the greater the weight of their vote in making investment decisions.

Investment Diversity: Crypto startups eligible for funding cover a wide spectrum of blockchain projects, including new blockchains and protocols based on L0, L1, and L2 solutions.

Proportional Allocation: Investment allocation is proportional to the amount of ZKF tokens owned by the investor, allowing them to actively influence decisions regarding project financing.

Distribution of Startup Tokens: After successful investment, a portion of the startup’s tokens is distributed among ZKF token holders who contributed.

Legislative Framework: It is essential to develop a transparent legislative framework confirming that ZKF project activities comply with regulatory standards.

Online Platform: Creation of a user-friendly online platform that enables token holders to browse, analyze, and invest in crypto startups, as well as facilitate knowledge exchange and community communication.


  • Active participation in the development of innovative blockchain projects.
  • Transparency and fairness in investment decision-making.
  • Passive income from successful crypto startups as an additional incentive for ZKF token holders, creating a sustainable and long-term income source.


The establishment of a decentralized venture fund for ZKF token holders is a step into the future, where the community has the opportunity to actively shape and support innovative blockchain projects.

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