【ZIP】Project Unicorn’s Garden: Making ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar Project

Project Idea

To grow ZKF, three main components are crucial: 1. community, 2. project, and 3. tokenomics. The simultaneous growth of the community, project, and tokenomics led to the idea named Project Unicorn’s Garden. The principle is to allow the community to invest in projects.

The ease of initiating projects with financial support will attract developers. When quality projects are introduced, the user base will also grow, and consequently, ZKF will expand.


This is about creating a platform for investment, which will be divided into two main sections: investors and developers.

Investor Section

Investors will use ZKF coins to represent their rights (like using it to vote) in conjunction with their investment, such as USDC (ZKF will be returned after the project ends). The investment will be locked until the project concludes. Investors can vote to decide whether a project should continue.

Developer Section

Developers must have a detailed proposal for the project, specifying the division of shares, required investment amount, plan for each project phase, and rewards for investors.


Project A requires an investment of 1,000,000 USDC*, divided into 100,000 shares (1 ZKF: 10 USD). If the community wants to invest, they will lock 1 ZKF and 10 USDC. The plan states the division into 3 phases with funding distribution of 30%-30%-40%*. At the start of the first phase, 30% of USDC is unlocked for the development team. After the first phase, investors vote to continue or discontinue the project. If successful, rewards are distributed as per the initial proposal, possibly in the form of project coins or NFTs providing profit shares, etc. ZKF is then returned for use in other investments.


This system will lead to more projects and better quality projects, similar to a garden filled with numerous unicorns. With this project, the use of ZKF will greatly increase, boosting the flow of money in the system. It will also draw in more skilled developers, leading to the growth of the community, projects, and tokenomics together.

Other Details

*There might be a minimum threshold for project initiation; if not met, the project won’t proceed. If exceeded, methods like 1. accept all, 2. random selection, 3. first-come-first-serve can be used.

**The ratio of ZKF to USD depends on each proposal, and we can limit ZKF per wallet to distribute investment evenly.

***The investment amount and phases depend on the proposal.

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this is interesting can you expand on this and give more details

Everything depends on the initial proposal before investors decide to invest. Developers must set clear terms, such as:

  1. The duration of the project.
  2. The investment required in each phase and the objectives of each phase. This is to prevent investors from losing all their money at once. For example, the investment could be divided into 3 phases: 30-40-40. At the start, 30% is paid, and after completing phase 1, investors review the progress and vote to unlock funds for the next phase. If the project does not pass the vote, the remaining funds are returned to the investors.
  3. The number of shares needed, based on the principle that 1 ZKF equals 1 share. For example, if 1,000,000 USD is needed, and 1M shares are desired (1,000,000/1,000,000), it means 1 share equals 1 USD. For 100K shares (1,000,000/100,000), it’s 1 share for 10 USD.
  4. Rewards may be paid in the project’s tokens or NFTs for a share in the profits.

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