Activation of Inscription Trading and Increased On-Chain Activity

In this proposal, we aim to activate inscription trading and enhance on-chain activity through the development of a dedicated inscription market swap feature. By bridging the ZKF token to the inscription swap system and establishing ZKF as the native token of the swap market, we can create liquidity pools such as FAIR/ZKF, ZKFI/ZKF, and FBTC/ZKF. This initiative will foster inscription trading and promote engagement on the platform. Additionally, a transaction fee of 1%-2% will be imposed, with 50% of the fees distributed to liquidity providers. Furthermore, we will strategically empower FAIR, ZKFI, and FBTC tokens to maximize their potential.


  1. Activate inscription trading and expect a 5x-10x increase in market capitalization for FAIR and ZKFI tokens. Target a total market capitalization for the inscription market of over 10 million.
  2. Boost on-chain activity and increase gas revenue. Facilitate the completion of FBTC minting, which is projected to yield 2.1 million U in gas revenue.
  3. Establish the platform as a prominent blockchain project.
  4. Expand the use case of the ZKF token and lock in a significant portion of ZKF’s liquidity market value.
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You think we need more rn to get liq for inscription pools on new dex/cex?