【ZIP】Change the name ZKFair to GPTFair or BOTFair to become a $100B project

Based on what we have just witnessed in the recent event, I suggest that we should rename this project to more accurately reflect what the project is about to vote on and implement.

Some of the names that show our gratitude to ChatGPT include:

GPTFair, BotFair, ZKGPT, GPTBotFair, ZKBot…

Please share in the comments which name you agree with the most.

My evaluation of ZKFair after this event:

  1. The project lacks a clear direction: To the extent that they have to ask ChatGPT for opinions on what to do next.
  2. What ZKFair is about to implement is nothing short of outstanding: Based on the 10 proposals that have been selected for implementation, we can see that it is not even as promising as a Meme coin project.
  3. ZkFair Team does not care about the project’s future: They ignore the actual quality of what they call proposals.
  4. The word “Fair” in the current project name is understood as “private fair”, “team fair”, or “fair joke”: Besides being supported by ChatGPT, the selected proposals are surely supported a lot by the ZKFair team. All selection criteria are private.

Finally, I wonder whether we should invest in such a project. Please like and share your opinion in the comment section below.

Support me because this post is also supported by ChatGPT 4

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Everything you said is on point, this decisions result in losing faith.

Here’s my suggested name: ZkUnfair

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The name you proposed is also a decent choice, but it does not yet express our sincere gratitude towards ChatGPT

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The way this contest is organized is as opaque as the way the tokens were allocated in the gas burning event. Most of them went to the dev team. Although they still claim it’s fair

It hurts how they threat real community here.

Perhaps so, they are the ones in power

Bad idea my friend, the name is perfect