【ZIP】 zkNFT : 10B zkFair Community Badge NFT: "Blockman 10K"

Proposal for zkFair Community Badge NFT: “Blockman 10k NFT”

Introduction :

Greetings zkFair community, :earth_africa:

In pursuit of elevating zkFair to a stellar project, I propose the introduction of a community-centric NFT series that embodies our shared values and innovative spirit. I am excited to present the idea of launching the first original zkNFT series on zkFair – the “Blockman Series.”

Proposal Details

The “Blockman 10k NFT” Concept

The “Blockman Series” is envisioned as a unique collection of NFTs, crafted in the spirit of zkFair’s commitment to fairness and community engagement. These NFTs will serve not only as a symbol of membership in our vibrant community but also represent the individual contributions of our members.

Fair Launch Principles

Consistent with zkFair’s ethos, the launch of the “Blockman Series” will adhere to the principles of a fair launch. This means that NFTs will be made available to all community members without any preferential treatment or pre-sale.

Pricing and Usage of Funds

Each BLOCKMAN NFT will be priced at 2 USDC. This price point ensures affordability while maintaining the exclusivity of our community NFTs. The collected funds will be dedicated to covering the costs of long-term storage on IPFS and Arweave, ensuring that our NFTs remain securely stored and accessible over time.

Why a Community Badge NFT?

  • Identity: The NFT will act as a badge of honor, a digital token that signifies one’s involvement in the zkFair community.
  • Support: By owning a Blockman NFT, members show their support for the project and contribute to its sustainability.
  • Innovation: It leverages zkFair’s technological framework to create something unique for our members.
  • Longevity: Funds from the NFT sales ensure that our collective achievements are preserved on the blockchain.


I firmly believe that the “Blockman Series” will not only unite us but also propel zkFair forward as a project that truly belongs to its community. I invite all community members to support this proposal, contributing to a legacy that we can all be proud of.

Below is the design concept diagram of Blockman NFT

Best regards

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