【ZIP】Integration to Bitcoin / Lightening network to bring BTC liquidity to EVM via ZKFair network

Create an integration to Bitcoin to enable them being part of the defi.”
Use HTLC contracts from lightening to ZKF layer 2. Create a similar HTLC on ZKF layer2. Use it to swap BTC & ZKF or any other currency atomically and open the doors for the EVM integration with Lightening.
This will also lead to 1.) locking of liquidity for the market makers and 2.) non custodial swap of BTC for Defi evm coins on ZKF layer 2.

PLEASE NOTE : This is just elaboration to point 2 in this here : 【ZIP】Journey for ZKFair to be a 10 billion plus dollar project

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this is actually a good idea, imagine all the money coming in from bitcoin.

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